Craig Harper

Craig Harper

Craig Harper

Creating a high-performance life |

What does it mean to be a high-performer? In health? Happiness? Fitness? Business? Career? Sport? Relationships? Life? Who succeeds and why? How can we maximise our time, skills, knowledge and talent to produce ‘better’ in our world? How do we turn our goals and dreams (theoretical ‘somethings’) into actual results (real-world ‘somethings’)? How do we deal with fear in its many forms (procrastination, anxiety, low self-esteem, over-thinking, anger, avoidance) and how do we continue to learn, grow and evolve despite our normal human limitations? Why do some people waste their time, opportunities and potential and how can we be the exception? How can we become the calm in the chaos? The leader not the follower? The solution person not the problem person? And in the middle of it all, how can we discover (or maybe, create) our own life purpose?

If some or all of these questions resonate with you, this workshop could be the catalyst for a new chapter in the book of YOU.

Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance and personal transformation. Craig has been an integral part of the Australian health and fitness industry since 1982 and in that time has worked as an exercise scientist, corporate speaker, consultant, University lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV presenter, writer and successful business owner. In 1990 he established Harper’s Personal Training, which evolved into one of the most successful businesses of its kind and inhabited the Australian fitness landscape for a quarter of a century.

Craig can be heard weekly on various radio stations around Australia and hosts his own weekly show on Melbourne radio called ‘the Science of Sport’. For two years he was the host of Foxtel’s ‘Living Life Now’ and for three years Craig filled an on-air role on Network Ten’s ‘9AM’ morning show as their resident Fitness Expert and Performance Coach. In addition, Craig has filled on-air roles as the host of Foxtel lifestyle show ‘Get a Life’ and as Master Coach for Channel Seven’s ‘Max’s Muscle TV’. As well as having written for the Herald Sun newspaper, numerous magazines and authoring five books, Craig spent three years as the Director of Health and Wellness for DayHab; one of Australia’s leading addiction treatment facilities.

As an Exercise Scientist, Craig has worked with many professional athletes and teams including St. Kilda F.C., Melbourne Phoenix, Port Melbourne F.C., Nissan Motorsport and a long list of Olympians and world-class athletes competing in a broad range of sports. Craig is currently working with the Melbourne Vixens in the areas of leadership and personal development.

While still working with teams and individuals on a regular basis, these days Craig delivers more than one hundred corporate presentations annually.

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